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Hi I'm Kristin Sokol

I'm a professional Relationship Coach based in Utah with clients around the country.

​I hold a Bachelors degree in communications and have completed graduate level work in Coaching at the University of Texas.

Through one-on-one coaching and workshop presentations, I have more than 15 years experience helping skeptical clients find solutions to in their love, personal, and professional lives.

I met my husband online in 2004 and found a passion professionally helping others find love online. I slowly transitioned my career in journalism to writing only online dating profiles for clients. I was recruited by a matchmaking firm as a highly sought-after online dating consultant. My love of creating collaborative, one-on-one relationships with clients led to building a coaching business that enables me to focus solely on coaching clients to create and enjoy lasting relationships.

In my personal life, I cherish time with my husband, daughters, and family dog. Together we avidly ski Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, tour national parks, ride bikes, and puts too many miles on my beloved mini-van.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Kristin is a phenomenal coach with the right attitude and skills to help anyone attain their goals. The journey with her was emotionally and spiritually rewarding as I felt myself cut through some barriers that blocked my road to success in the past. I'm so very grateful to have met Kristin and to have had a chance to work with such an amazing spirit. If not, I may not have found my Ever After!

    Angela, 39 Acupuncturist, CA
  • Kristin listened to my fears then boosted my confidence and helped me see possibilities I felt like I could do. After working with Kristin, I am clear about what I want. The things I discovered about dating, men and myself through the coaching process are working!

    Mary, 33 Executive Assistant, UT

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