I got married!!!

It is true! I’m getting married in July. I think the best advice you gave me is there is no magic. When it is suppose to happen it will happen. In my case that is what happened. We did meet online. I was the one that messaged him. He then called me. It happened when it was supposed to. We have been married for six months now. We are both so happy! Thank you for your help.



NEVER too late — I got married!

In January of 2019, I participated in a singles’ retreat with Kristin and another dating coach. It was pretty intense with a lot of great information, and by the end of it, I felt empowered and excited to get out there and try everything out. Just a few weeks later I met an amazing man online, and was able to put the things I learned into practice. It must have worked, as we were married 6 months later. I couldn’t be happier!


Kristi, 44

I can’t believe it happened for me!

Most singles wonder: Is there a true love match for me out there or will I ever meet the person of my dreams?
Even though I had a lot of faith, I finally admitted to myself that maybe Prince Charming wasn’t going to walk into my life like I had always dreamed about, and that I should take some action! It was truly a divine intervention and a sign from above when a friend told me about Kristin. Her coaching had helped her meet the man of her dreams. They were not only married in a short amount of time but had a baby too! My hairs were standing on end and my interest was piqued because she was “older” like me! (When you’re getting close to forty or over forty and still want to meet the one AND have children, you can sometimes go into panic mode.) Hearing about Kristin was great, but I still figured, well, I don’t know about hiring someone to help me find someone online. A few months went by and I was prompted to make the call. So I did it. I called Kristin.
My success came through her steadfast coaching and unending faith that she will get you married, even when you don’t believe it yet. It really began to rub off on me and changed me for the better.
The focus on goals and how to meet them gave me weekly direction. And with her strength, support and talent, she truly helped me find my Ever After. I am forever grateful for this woman’s ability to direct thoughtful questions that truly made me think and helped me understand myself more deeply.
I was able to ask her questions to things that I had a hard time figuring out on my own. I began to learn who I really wanted for a spouse and what I deserved.
It was a powerful, spiritual, emotional, and so very rewarding experience. After only 3 months, I began talking to ‘The One’. Met him online and yes, he was out of state so, had I not done this online thing, we wouldn’t have met!
Four months later we are now engaged to be married. All I can say is Wow! Dreams do come true! Thank you Kristin for who you are, your amazing intellect, sweet spirit, and unending devotion to your work. You are such a beautiful being, inside and out! This is truly your calling and Trent and I will be forever grateful for you!



Getting married this summer to a wonderful man

I’m getting married to a wonderful man this summer. He loves me unconditionally! I finally feel a secure attachment. Kristin asks thought-provoking questions, has a contagious yet grounded enthusiasm about possibilities, and encourages productive action–all while allowing you to be in the driver’s seat. She has a remarkable ability to understand the nuanced, simplify the complicated, observe subtle connections, and offer clarity. She is an utterly delightful and refreshingly practical professional. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, you’ll always be glad you consulted with Kristin.


Suzanne, 44

In a real, committed relationship!!!

I highly recommend Kristin Sokol as a dating coach. My experience with her has been nothing but positive. Before I met her I was quite lost on how to navigate and approach dating in general. I went on so many first dates but nothing ever came of them. At the end of the night I would feel confused and defeated. I wondered how anyone could ever find someone they wanted to marry and have that person feel the same way. Many people are exhausted with the dating scene, I know I was! But Kristin makes it easy. She has given me confidence that there is someone out there for me. She is a great and attentive listener and has a grounded energy, which always puts me at ease. With her help I have learned how to date and that its actually pretty fun. I’ve been dating a wonderful guy for over 7 months! If you would like insight into dating and relationships Kristin is your person!


Katelyn, 31

Kristin is a chameleon coach

Kristin is a chameleon coach. Let me tell you how. Like a chameleon she can rotate her eyes independently, keeping one eye on your current emotional state and the other on where you’re trying to go. This allows her to coach you according to your needs of the moment without sacrificing your larger goals or ideals. With her prehensile tale she can grasp any situation no matter how foreign to herself and still be able to pull truths and insights from the conversation. With her chameleon-like, long, extensible tongue she’s been able to talk me out of my firmly held, harmful thoughts. My favorite ability by far is her ability to change colors. She’ll listen to me and help me work through problems in the way that makes most sense to me instead of trying to fit my problems into a one-size-fits-all solution. 10 out of 10, best chameleon coach!


KC, 33

Helped me get the skills I needed to change

I first met Kristen when she spoke in our church women’s group. What she said resonated with me and got me thinking about my life. I had a good life and hadn’t thought that I needed to change much. I realized that I wasn’t stearing my life the way I wanted it to go, I was just living life letting life go on every day. The things I learned from her helped me take back my life. My brother recently asked my mom what was going on with me. He said I was like a whole new person. I really feel that Kristin helped me find a new purpose and helped me get the skills I needed to change.


Joanna, 43

Staying Focused On The End Game

Before I started my relationship coach journey with Kristin I had a negative mindset on dating. I’d been single for a year, recovering from a difficult break up. When I started looking online I got more discouraged than ever! It seemed like nothing but flakes and fakes, how was I ever going to find a decent man?

Right away from my first conversation with Kristin I felt bonded to her. Her bubbly personality shines through immediately, but more importantly the information she shared was so relevant and helpful I was filled with tears of joy. She shared so many valuable insights that I hadn’t thought of. I’m not young, I’ve been around the block a few times and I thought I knew a lot about relationships. Boy was I wrong. The perspective she provides made it possible for me to navigate the world of online dating and stay focused on the end game— which is getting what I want. She helped me recognize what I want, who I am, what I’m looking for, and gave me a realistic expectation of how to get there. I’m not there yet but more importantly I am confident, able to communicate more effectively my needs and desires, and feel like I now will be able to attract the man for me because of my self esteem and the growth I’ve achieved while working with her. I have recommended her to many people, and sadly they won’t take control of their choices and do what’s needed. If you’re reading this give her a call. Listen to her truth, her insight, and you’ll agree right away it’s worth more than she charges for the relationship you’ll build with her— and the person of your dreams someday soon!


Mendi, 46

Her methods work!

I have been lucky enough to work with Kristin as one of the photographers that shoots photos of her clients. Kristin works with the best women! I have enjoyed getting to know so many of them over the last 10 or so years. I have also had the privilege of learning a lot about Kristin’s process and the things she shares with her clients. Let me tell you, her methods work! These women make progress. It’s been fun to stay connected with her clients and be able to shoot weddings and baby showers for her clients.


Heather Waegner, 43 

Others are noticing positive changes in me

Kristin is a highly trusted adviser, mentor, friend. She really cares about her clients and wants them to be happy and successful. I have worked with Kristin for a few years now and she has really helped me learn, grow, and progress in both my personal and professional life. I highly value her knowledge and advice and appreciate her willingness to go above and beyond. The best part is that other’s have also noticed positive changes and I have had the opportunity to refer Kristin to several of my friends!! I highly recommend Kristin if you are in place to make some positive changes in yourself and in your life!


Heather, 43

Brought me new light and confidence

Kristin is simply amazing! She has a dynamic personality that makes this dating journey exciting and doable! Her know how tips, skills and her education has brought new light to me as an individual and has built my confidence. Her coaching skills and humor made my experience so worth it! She will make it so worth it for you too. Trust the process. This experience has lead me to meeting a great guy and I’m so excited to have found a keeper! Couldn’t have done it with out her. Thanks Kristin…you know your stuff!


Janna, 44

Helps me feel comfortable to take challenges

I have learned so much from Kristin. She not only taught me how to swipe and talk to guys on dating apps but she has helped me build my confidence in talking to men in real life. She has given me techniques to improve navigating the dating apps and other ways to meet new people. She is easy to talk to, helps you feel comfortable but still gives you challenges that help you progress.


Bryana, 36

The change I needed

I’ve been working with Kristin for just under a year now, but I knew right away that our relationship would be a good one. My life started to change very quickly once I started working with her and I’m happy to say, I’m she has helped me completely change my life! Kristin has a way of if wrapping you in a warm hug with her words, you feel immediately at ease and as though you can trust her with anything. She has a way listening in a non-judgmental way but asks all the right questions to keep you digging deeper and looking for the answers that lead to immense growth.



I got the clarity I needed

I spent years focusing on what I don’t want in a relationship, which left me very discouraged. Kristin helped me get clarity on what I’m looking for and how to see those traits in others. It’s opened up my dating field and helped me be more happy and hopeful. She also helped me identify some of the key places I tend to fail in relationships and brainstorm strategies for future success. More than anything, Kristin is a delight and infuses conversations with positivity and insight.


Alicia, 35

Ready to take the chance!

Kristin’s course is a great experience to help anyone who is ready to take the chance to rethink dating in today’s world. I took time to think about what I really want now and later. The material we covered helped me to take steps in the direction of where I want to go. You just have to be willing to follow those steps. This program helps you understand your fears, boosted my confidence and helped me see possibilities if I was willing to try. I look forward to seeing what happens next with the tools I have learned. Kristin is amazing and I thank her for the helpful knowledge she thoughtfully provided.


Mary, 33

It’s never too late to let go of old ways of thinking

I know Kristin cares because she allows me to look at myself and discover my strengths and weaknesses in a way that helps me focus on personal growth. I have learned from Kristin that it is never too late to let go of old ways of thinking and learn new more effective ways of being. She has also taught me skills for maintaining a full and happy life while creating opportunities for dating.


Lisa, 46

Helps in all aspects of life

What I have learned from Kristen has helped me so much in all aspects of my life! I have taken the things we have talked about and been able to apply them not only in my dating life but also in my professional and social life. Our sessions are tailored to my needs and Kristen does a fabulous job of going over relevant information to my life situations.


Janalie, 27

Has a gift to inspire, uplift, and motivate

I have had the pleasure of being a participant in Kristin’s classes many times over the past couple years. She truly has a gift to inspire, uplift, and motivate with her wit, relatability, and humor. I always leave enlightened and informed with the bonus of a happy heart from her fun teaching style. I would highly recommend her. She is definitely the coach for you!


Miki, 41

Thanks for your help

Kristin I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. When I showed up for my photo shoot you made me feel so pretty. Then today on the phone you did it again, you made me feel good about myself, like I can do anything. Thanks for being awesome!


Amy, 44