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One-On-One Coaching

The fastest route to results is individual weekly or bi-monthly coaching sessions. Sessions are done from the comfort of your home or office via phone or video chat. No need to leave work or commute across town. Together we discuss, explore and strategize new practical aspects and fresh ideas. You’ll make firm decisions about what you want and have clear first steps to get there.

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The individual coaching process helps clients move past problems including fear and regret to reach real, practical solutions that work and feel right.

Clients are often surprised that after just a session or two they are able to move past major roadblocks that have held them back for years. A fresh future-focused approach takes clients into the fast lane with the results they want. 


The LoveLab: A virtual date coaching community

The LoveLab is an affordable and flexible three month group coaching option for motivated daters. It’s crafted to help guide you from wherever you are to the finish line of a happy relationship.

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The LoveLab consists of three essential parts. 

    First: Access to my complete library, featuring all the crucial conversations that will fill your relationship knowledge gap and give you the epiphanies you’re waiting for. 
    Second: LIVE weekly group Zoom coaching sessions to get personalized answers to your specific dating questions, comments, or concerns.
    Third: Membership to the Private LoveLab Facebook community, moderated by Kristin Sokol. You’ll get real-time insights and support from like-minded daters who get the frustration you’re facing.

Regardless of your dating experience, the LoveLab is an ideal space for those with marriage in mind. It will empower you, help you feel more ready to tackle the things that have intimidated you before and prepare you to be the best version of yourself in dating.

Rise Retreat for Women

Held only once or twice a year, this small group Rise Relationship Retreat for Women is an intensive two day, LIVE deep dive into the things you never knew about relationships, your specific desires for the future and how to secure the future you want in as little time as possible.

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You’ll connect with like minded women.

And support each other in the sometimes frustrating journey towards creating the life and wonderful relationship you’re hoping for. Plan on leaving with some new life long friends. The retreat is typically held in January in Downtown Salt Lake City. For more details about how to secure your seat, join the email list.

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Email List

Don’t have the time to dedicate to finding love just yet, but don’t want to miss out on important information including tips, tricks and free techniques? Join my email list. Be in the loop and hear about my latest helps for free.


I regularly to speak to large groups to share important coaching concepts that leave participants feeling renewed with hope and motivation to make the positive changes they’ve thought about for years. Participants feel refreshed, renewed and ready to take next steps. To schedule me for your ward, stake or conference workshop, contact me.