Hungry? WHERE to find love on your lunch break (a two-part series)

Hungry? WHERE to find love on your lunch break (a two-part series)

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Read on for some unusual locations you might otherwise overlook.

Women are constantly saying that they don’t know where to meet men besides online (which most clients hate). As a professional dating coach with more than a decade of experience, I’m constantly looking for innovative ideas and ways of helping clients intersect with new people.

I was eating lunch with my mom in one of my favorite lunch joints, El Pollo Loco (their chicken breast is PERFECTION), and I noticed that my mom and I were the only women in the entire place. Every other table and the whole lobby was full of men!

Not only was it full of men, but it was full of men wearing slacks and nice shoes, which I interpret as, men who have good jobs. These are the same type of men my clients are typically most interested in meeting.

I snapped a few photos just to document what I noticed and I hatched a new idea. My hypothesis was that men congregate inside certain restaurants and avoid others. With that guiding as my guiding light, I’ve been on a research mission for months to provide you with answers.  

Below are the lunch time establishments where men eat and women (typically) don’t. Not only are men here, but they’re often dining alone, making them more approachable. When women show up in these places, they’re noticed. 

Where To Meet Men With Jobs On Your Lunch Break

• El Pollo Loco (The grilled chiken can’t be beat, try it!)  
• Teriyaki Grill (I love the Teriyaki Chicken Salad)
• Astro BurgersApollo Burger or Crown Burger (I love their Greek Chicken Salad) 
• Pei Wei (Everything is delicious) 
• DP Cheesesteak (You might not think you like cheesesteak…but you probably do.) 
• JDawg (I don’t care for hotdogs) 
• Any Indian buffet (my favorite is always Chicken Tikka Masala)
• Any Sushi Bar (I don’t love sushi, but they almost always have teriyaki chicken options)
• Buffalo Wild Wings (they have many not messy options. Don’t be scared.)  

If you’re looking for the buttoned up business type, casual blue collar or construction brawns, the location you choose will matter. Tech, financial, or bustling business districts will help you locate business men. Seeking blue collar or construction guys? Look in industrial or warehouse districts. Play around with neighborhoods and don’t be afraid to drive to neighborhoods that are a little out of the way. The whole idea is to put yourself in new places to see new people. 

These are just a few of the countless restaurants that men love. Take this intel and put on your Sherlock Holmes thinking cap on and solve the mystery. Where your the love of your life take his lunch break?

Let me know what happens when you show up at any of these kinds of restaurants. Go mix and mingle with men you’d otherwise never meet.

Not sure what to do when you arrive at a restaurant full of men? Want to know some specific things to do if you spot a man you’re interested in knowing more about? We cover that in the next post titled: Hungry? HOW to find love on your lunch break.