Group Coaching


A Virtual Date Group Coaching Community

You’ll get answers to these questions…

    Shaping Your Desires and Managing Your Mindset
    ● What do I really want in life and love?● Why haven’t I found a lasting relationship already?● What are the obstacles in my life that are blocking me?● What can I do right now to make room in my life for finding love?● What do I have to offer as a partner? (Spoiler: It’s way more than you think!)
    Understanding the Science of Healthy Romantic Relationships
    ● What phases do healthy romantic relationships go through?● What is attachment science? How does it affect my dating (or lack thereof)?● How do I prioritize the six universal relationship values to find my person faster?● What are the best books, podcasts, and resources that will help me on my journey?
    Perfecting Your Assets of Attraction
    ● What do winning dating app profiles even look like?● What do I need to DO to be successful at meeting the RIGHT people on dating apps?● What do I say to potential love interests, both online and in person?● How do I take more flattering photos that attract the right people and showcase the real me?
  • How long is the course?

    The group runs for 12 weeks. During this time, you'll be invited to a live weekly group coaching session via Zoom. Yes, sessions will be recorded for later replay. You'll also have access to our private Facebook community moderated by Kristin Sokol. There, you’ll find connection, support, and reassurance for as long as it takes you to reach your goals.
    If you wish to extend your participation beyond the initial 12 weeks, you can totally do so for an affordable monthly fee.

  • How was this group coaching program developed?

    Over two decades, I've accumulated a deep knowledge base of dating best practices and valuable observational experiences watching hundreds of clients get on their way. This collection of methodologies includes research and insights from the relationship industry's most trusted experts, such as The Gottman Institute, Dr. Sue Johnson, Dr. Terri Orchuch, and more.

    Until now, the only way to tap into this bank of knowledge and benefit from professional coaching was through 1-1 sessions. The LoveLab is designed to provide instant access to singles like you who are seeking life-changing insights.

  • How will I feel during the course?

    Only you will know exactly how you might feel during the course, but many clients experience a renewed sense of hope almost immediately after starting the sessions. As they gain new perspectives and begin implementing fresh approaches, their frustration often transforms into curiosity and excitement for what’s coming next.

  • When is the best time to start?

    There's no time like the present! Especially if you've been waiting around for ages, hoping for something to shift or for your special person to show up. Taking a different approach will feel incredibly refreshing.

  • How many people will be in the course with me?

    The group will be capped at 10-15 active members (in the live group sessions).

What You’ll Get in Group Coaching

Insightful Coaching Sessions(Recorded for Your Convenience)

Access to (at least) 12 virtual recorded coaching sessions, most running between 30 minutes to an hour. Each session delves deep into exciting concepts and will require your full attention.

You’ll engage in thought-provoking tasks. Each session will leave you with a new perspective and excitement to implement fresh ideas.

These sessions provide hands-on, how-to instructions for significant improvements to yourself and your dating efforts. Packed with inspiration, motivation, and accountability, they’ll set you on a new, refreshing, and achievable path toward finding love.

Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions (Recorded for Later Playback)

Invitations to live, weekly group coaching virtual sessions lasting between 60-90 minutes. We'll explore a timely topic each week and reserve the rest of the time for Q&A.

A Community of Like-Minded People

Accountability between sessions is invaluable. The LoveLab community is an excellent space to share both big and small successes. It's a place to seek empathy and troubleshoot dating problems in real-time, supported by your group members and moderated by Kristin Sokol. This Facebook group fosters connection, support, and reassurance for as long as it takes to reach your goals.

Money Back Guarantee

I’m only interested in happy customers. If you’re not happy with group coaching, I want you to have your money back!

If you view these sessions, complete the exercises, learn and apply what you learn to your life, see no difference, feel no difference, please reach out and let me offer you a refund.

But…I am confident that as you learn, apply and experiment with new mindsets and improve your dating focus, you WILL absolutely see a difference.

You will absolutely start to attract the results you want within. I know this because I’ve seen it with hundreds of clients. These things do take time. Those who learn AND apply these concepts even in tough times, get results.

This is NOT a guarantee that you’ll be married or even be in a committed relationship in 60 days (although it’s possible). Rather, this is a guarantee that you’ll be on a sustainable, more confident path forward. You’ll better manage the realities, including the disappointments that go along with dating (no magic potions here).

Intersecting with your person may take some time. The trick is staying on the path long enough to allow your lives to cross. I hope Group Coaching will help you do that.

See you in the group!