Online Course

Dating Over 35:

Steering the Heart and Mind Toward Love

You’ll get answers to these questions…

    What do successful dating app profiles even look like?
    What do I need to DO to be successful at meeting the RIGHT people on dating apps?
    What do I say to men online and in person?
    How do I take flattering photos that attract good men and show the real me?
    What can I do right now to make room in my life for finding love?
    What do I really WANT in life and love?
    What do I have to offer as a partner?
    How does my spirituality and connection to God affect my dating behavior and results?
    Why haven’t I already found it? What are the obstacles in my life blocking me?
  • How long is the course?

    The video course includes seven carefully designed modules covering critical subjects related to dating, relationships, app dating, self-worth, confidence, etc.
    Each module contains multiple lessons with specific, practical ideas and exercises.
    It will probably take a few weeks to complete this robust course if you do a little each day. If you Binge watch, you could probably complete it in 2-3 days.

  • How was the course developed?

    Through passionate trial and error and massive industry research over 15 years.
    I’ve honed the key elements women need to connect with men in a loving, committed relationship, no matter how much or little relationship experience you have.
    Read my full story here.

  • What will the course do for me?

    The program will focus your mind and heart on the right priorities as you ready yourself to enter the dating field, for REALS this time.
    You’ll discover the practical things that successful daters are doing. Trust me, you want to know these things. You’ll find that these simple behavior adjustments are within your reach.
    You don’t have to be a different person to be a successful dater, you’ll just think smarter and better about dating.

  • How will I feel during the course?

    You’ll feel all the feels in this self-directed program. You’ll laugh and cry as you watch the program videos and complete the exercises.
    You’ll think in a new way as you explore yourself in dating and relationship building.
    You’ll create a realistic view about how dating in the modern era has changed. You finally be able to take full advantage of all the ways it’s improved.
    Most importantly, you’ll discover what it takes to have fun and be successful.
    You’ll learn how to be SO successful that you’ll never have to date, ever again! That’s the whole goal! Be so great at dating and graduate forever by getting married!

  • When is the best time to start?

    Why would you wait to start this program? You can begin today! The cost is SO minimal compared to the value you’ll gain.
    You waste money regularly on things that WON’T EVER give you the value this course offers.
    I know you’re feeling urgency to make a relationship a priority in 2020. This program is here in your lap right now. Let’s do it!

I’m Ready To Buy It Now

What you’ll get in the eCourse

Insightful Videos

You receive more than two dozen specific, detailed videos with innovative ideas, inspiration and secrets that successful daters use. This is an in-depth program.

This is the hands-on, how-to instructions for you to make really big DIY improvements to your dating life.

Videos contain inspiration, motivation, and accountability to put you on a new, refreshing, doable path toward finding love.

A Companion PDF Workbook

Included is a workbook that contains 35 pages of worksheets with detailed formulas and step-by-step instructions. You’ll have a blue print to:

    Create lists that will help you accomplish tangible, dating specific goals.
    Build your successful online or app dating profile.
    Jouraling exercises that will help you go deep and understand yourself with clarity.
    Stay safe in online dating.
    Increase your dating confidence more than you thought was possible.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m only interested in happy customers. If you’re not happy with this eCourse, I want you to have your money back!

If you view this eCourse, complete the exercises, learn and apply what you learn to your life and in 60 days see no difference, feel no difference, please reach out and let me offer you a refund.

But…I am confident that as you learn, apply and experiment with new mindsets and improve your dating focus, you WILL absolutely see a difference.

You will absolutely start to attract the results you want within about 60 days. I know this because I’ve seen it with hundreds of clients. These things do take time. Those who learn AND apply these concepts even in tough times, get results.

This is NOT a guarantee that you’ll be married or even be in a committed relationship in 60 days (although it’s possible). Rather, this is a guarantee that you’ll be on a sustainable path forward. You’ll better manage the realities, including the disappointments that go along with dating.

Intersecting with your person may take some time. The trick is staying on the path long enough to allow your lives to cross. This eCourse will help you do that. That I guarantee.

See you in the course!