For single women over 30 who want to be married…

Discover the SMALL & EASY Dating Tweaks You Can Use This Week To Get Dramatically Better Dating Results… With Way Less Effort!

If you feel powerless navigating the difficulties surrounding modern dating, you’re not alone.

  • Like you, most singles are simply swamped with tasks and regular disappointments of being alone. 

They have only limited resources and emotional energy to throw at dating efforts. The good news…It can be better.
You CAN thrive in the dating pool.
And, I’m here to show you how. 

My name is Kristin Sokol.

For the last 15 years, I’ve specialized in helping single women over 30, position themselves to overcome today’s tricky dating odds. 

Through one-on-one coaching, live events, and online programs, I have helped hundreds of women find solutions to their love and personal lives. 

99% percent of the time, women come to me skeptical.

But they leave with a renewed sense of hope, excitement, and joy in dating and in life.

Many women meet their partners within months of working with me, even after years of drowning in the dating pool...

I was in a funk of disappointing relationships. I was super hung up on a guy who after dating for several months, chose another girl over me. It was a real low point. I heard Kristin on a podcast. What she said was simple and made sense, but I was skeptical that any of her advice would work on me. I was sure I was supposed to be unlucky in love and hopelessly alone forever. That’s how my life has always been. I don’t know how, but something inside me made me try Kristin’s program anyway. I can’t believe I did it. I was so very skeptical. Sitting through the sessions, I can’t believe what I soaked up. I became focused on such different things, I started doing things differently. In weeks I was dating multiple guys (this has never happened in my life) and in just a few months I found a guy who is special. We’re so connected and in love. We’ve been dating over 7 months and I am really excited about the future. Best dating results I’ve ever had. What Kristin teaches really works. It’s life changing!


Jenna, 43

The decision to work with Kristin and receive coaching from her to find a husband was the best decision I ever made! It’s hard to believe that this is all really happening… that I’m getting married in a few months! Kristin is a phenomenal coach with the right attitude and skills to get anyone attain their goals. The journey with her was emotionally and spiritually rewarding as I felt myself cut through some barriers that blocked my road to success in the past. I’m so very grateful to have met Kristin and to have had a chance to work with such an amazing spirit. If not, I may not have found my Ever After! Thank you Kristin from the bottom of my heart! 


Angela, 42

In January of 2019, I participated in a singles' retreat with Kristin and another dating coach. It was pretty intense with a lot of great information, and by the end of it, I felt empowered and excited to get out there and try everything out. Just a few weeks later I met an amazing man online, and was able to put the things I learned into practice. It must have worked, as we were married 6 months later. I couldn't be happier! 


Kristi, 44

It is true! I’m getting married in July. I think the best advice you gave me is there is no magic. When it is suppose to happen it will happen. In my case that is what happened. We did meet online. I was the one that messaged him. He then called me. It happened when it was supposed to. We have been married for six months now. We are both so happy! Thank you for your help.


Laurie, 32

The focus on goals and how to meet them gave me new direction. Kristin’s strength, support and talent truly helped me find my Ever After. I am forever grateful for this woman’s ability to direct thoughtful questions that truly made me think and helped me understand myself more deeply. I began to learn who I really wanted for a spouse and what I deserved. It was a powerful, spiritual, emotional, and so very rewarding experience. After only 3 months, I began talking to ‘The One’. Met him online and yes, he was out of state so, had I not done this online thing, we wouldn’t have met! Four months later we are now engaged to be married. All I can say is Wow! Dreams do come true! Thank you Kristin for who you are. Your amazing intellect, sweet spirit, and unending devotion to your work. You are such a beautiful being, inside and out! This is truly your calling and Trent and I will be forever grateful for you!


Angela, 42

The Most Unlikely Dating Coach In The World...

If you told me in my 20’s that I’d become a dating coach when I grew up, I’d call you crazy…

Because before I did this for a living, I was a hopeless case when it came to dating.
In fact, I rarely dated in my twenties at all and had zero serious relationships that lasted more than three dates.
I knew I wanted to be married. I knew I wanted a family one day, but I felt so powerless to make it happen. 
After years of trying, I finally just put it on the back burner and moved on with my life. 
It was when my last single friend got engaged that shook me out of being passive...


I started to feel some pressure seeing all my friends find their partners. I knew I was being left behind…
My last single friend met her fiancee on Yahoo Singles in the year 2003. This was way before, smart phones and a decade before Tinder or any other dating apps.
As my best friend, she, she insisted on putting together a profile for me.

I was beyond hesitant, but eventually she persuaded me to give it a chance (by not giving me a choice).
As an aspiring photographer, she owned a brand new innovation. A digital camera. 
Very few regular people had access to digital cameras or digital photos back in 2003. She had both and she wasn’t afraid to use them!
She helped me put together some photos and published me to the world!


It was beyond scary to put my awkward-dating-self out there! I remember being literally in tears on her couch when my profile went live.
Despite my initial resistance, I was quickly pleasantly surprised to see the type of guys online...some of them...were really cute!
I realized in that moment, that this was where the dating pool evaporated to. The very guys I once mingled with at dances, church and college classes. Everyone was here! All in one place. Lined up, saying they were available and wanted to date. It felt like a miracle!

After a few weeks of interacting with some good guys here and some lame guys there, I got an email from a guy in California...

When I got online, I had 3 rules that I wanted to follow:

    I didn’t want to date outside the state I lived in.
    I didn’t want to date anyone who didn’t have a picture in their profile (in 2003 not everyone had one, but I was being super picky)
    I didn’t want to date someone who had mental illness.

The guy from California was out of my state, had NO photo AND talked about having insomnia in his profile (in my fixed mindset at the time, that meant probable mental illness). I almost wrote him off immediately.
But...It felt like he was really...nice. There was a sweetness that my intuition kept pointing out. And it kept me talking with him. 
We exchanged some lengthy emails over several weeks. I came to love his wit, humor and intelligence. He was also reciprocating. Most guys made me do the heavy lifting, keeping the conversation afloat. He was different. I LOVED it.  
Then...the universe presented me an opportunity to be in California. I took it! 
We met in person outside a basketball arena during the March Madness tournaments. 

The rest, they say, is history.


It was a truly surreal experience. 

Through the miracle of the internet technology, I was able to find MY PERSON! 

It happened for me despite having very limited dating experience in my life to that point. 
If I hadn’t gone online, I would have never met my husband.

At that time, I thought my online dating career was over...but God had other plans for me...


How I Kept “Dating” Even After I Got Married


Shortly after I got married, I had a good friend call me. She was divorced and wanted to try online dating, but didn’t know how to do it or what to say in her profile.  
She knew I was a professional writer and asked if I was willing to write something up for her.
I had so much fun online dating, and it only lasted a few weeks before I met my husband. I was glad she asked for help so I could continue the fun on her behalf. 
I helped her write a very attractive profile for her unique personality and snapped some photos I thought would do well for her online.  

After her profile launched, it was only a few weeks before she found someone really great too! Over a few months they fell in love and got married soon after. 


I’m happy to say they’re still married! 

After she got married, she referred a friend to me who also wanted help. Since I didn’t know her as well, I had to pull in all the skills that I had as a newspaper reporter to sleuth out her story. 

I interviewed her and pulled out the important things she was looking for.

I got clear on the kind of life that she wanted, then went to work.

I wrote a profile specifically to attract the guy and life she was hoping for.


And...lo and behold another wedding...and another referral.


I continued to online date like this, for friends...and then it was for friends of friends and then they became strangers who were calling, asking for my help.  

Before I knew it, I had become a sought out “dating coach”

It was incredible to me!
Strangers from all over the country began paying me for my services. I started working with professional photographers, training them to create “dating photos” for my clients that looked natural and like they weren’t trying too hard. 
What I was doing was working!

My results caught the eye of an international matchmaking company after one of their employees married a client of mine. 

They recruited me to help coach their clients, all highly accomplished (and still single) people, through the online dating process. 
It was an amazing job! I had a constant stream of really impressive people that I had the opportunity to coach. I wrote hundreds of dating profiles during my time there.
Eventually I felt the calling to strike off on my own. I wanted real, coaching-specific education and real credentials so I could start my own business.
Now, many years later, clients regularly pay me thousands for coaching. I’ve hosted multiple live dating events, spoken at conferences and been featured on some of the top media outlets.


Most importantly, I can proudly say I’ve personally helped hundreds of people find the lasting relationships that they were looking for.

I Want To Help You Find Your “Person”

If you’re on this page, then chances are you’re still looking for your partner and not getting anywhere…

    You’re tired of the grind of dating
    You’re exhausted both physically and emotionally
    You’re fed up by the process and deleted all of your accounts (multiple times!)
    You’re frustrated by your married family/friends saying you’re not doing enough or worse, “you’re being too picky”.
    You’re feeling lonely, insecure and anxious that you'll never meet your ideal partner
    You’re worried that you might miss your chance to be a mother or start a family
    You’re sick of the flakes and the ghosting and the roundabout of bad first dates
    You’re feeling like a dating failure
    You’re sick of playing a bad ‘numbers game’

Or maybe you’re just getting back into the game and you’re just overwhelmed by all the possibilities and don’t know how or where to start.

Whatever you’re feeling, it CAN BE BETTER... Here’s how...

3 Steps to Dating Success Over 30

Step 1: Master the Inner Game First

Whenever new clients approach me for dating advice, the first things they usually ask about are things like “what should I say to him”, “how long should I wait to text him back” or “How do you write a good dating profile”...
In these kinds of questions are what I believe is the biggest mistake women make in dating: 
Approaching dating from an OUTSIDE-IN approach, rather than an INSIDE-OUT approach.
In other words, they focus their dating efforts on OUTSIDE surface level techniques. They stress about knowing how to start conversations, or when to text him back or what to write on their dating profile…


Now I’m not saying that these aren't important and don’t make a difference, because they absolutely do...
BUT believe it or not, they aren’t the things that are going to make or break your dating success…
That’s because these things are surface level. If all you do is address these “outer game” things, it will be like building a house of cards. You might know what to say or do in one scenario, but you won’t be able to go the distance. You’ll always feel like you’re putting up a front and walking on eggshells instead of just being fully you. 
Here’s the secret: Success with men and dating starts with what’s inside of you…
...and the single most important thing you will ever do to help yourself become more attractive and more successful with men is to build up a rock solid foundation of confidence and power inside of you as well as crystal clarity of what you want out of a man, marriage and life.
When you develop this unshakeable feeling of self-confidence and self awareness you’ll notice some very interesting things start to happen in your life.
You’ll more naturally know what to say, when to say it, what to write, how to carry yourself, etc because you are rooted in yourself and aren’t reacting to others.
You will start to notice more opportunities appear in your life that were previously invisible.
You will develop a kind of gravitational pull and that seemingly pulls the right kind of men into your life.
Good guys will be drawn to you and interested in finding out what you are all about, without you having to even say anything.
If you master your INNER game, the OUTER GAME fixes itself.


If you really want long term success with men, then this step is not optional. If you only address the surface level symptoms, and not the root cause where all your behaviors emanate from, then you will be destined to stay stuck where you are.
Unfortunately it can take many years to learn this on your own and it's very easy to fall off track and revert back to old, familiar behaviors. I’ve seen it happen again and again.
Fortunately, after years of study and working with my clients on this, I’ve developed some POWERFUL techniques for overcoming your fears and mastering your inner game.
I’ve figured out simple techniques that any woman can use to rewire negative belief patterns and develop a core confidence that men will notice right away. This works no matter where your confidence is right now. The best part is, it won’t take years or even weeks to do it. You can start this process this week, even today! 

Step 2: Learn How Relationship Dynamics Actually Work

Have you ever been taught about Relationship Dynamics? Was it a subject taught in school? How about college? Chances are, that's a no. At least not in enough depth that it made a lasting impression about how developing relationships are supposed to progress.

For whatever reason, school never prepared us for the most important relationship in our lives. We’re just expected to instinctively know what to do -- or figure it out on our own.

Most adults are thoroughly oblivious about this topic (and at no fault of their own). They are absolutely captivated everytime I speak about this subject. Without a clear understanding of Relationship Dynamics, it's no mystery why most relationships fail early on and why so many dates suck.

I attribute my dating failures to a lack of knowledge and understanding in this area. Turns out, what most of us were taught about Relationship Dynamics are outdated or are just plain wrong. It leads to all kinds of confusion. 


Fortunately there have been a lot of recent developments and studies done in this area. They shine a much clearer light on how an effective dating process works. There is clarity on how to build attraction, connection and rapport with someone new. You can learn strategies about your part in progressing a relationship from one step to the other.  When you don’t understand relationship dynamics, it’s hard to get anywhere. It's like feeling your way around in a maze, in the dark, in the middle of a fog. 
Understanding relationship dynamics gives you a clear map forward. You don’t second guess yourself. You don’t waste energy worrying about what your partner is thinking/feeling during your interactions. 
You know how to make real connections and communicate your needs. You get to your end destination much faster with less guess work and frustration.

Step 3: Increase Your Probability Universe

Many women complain about dating being a numbers game.
The truth is, it is (to an extent). 
But the question is, what odds are you playing?
And more importantly, HOW do you systematically increase the odds of success?
How do you increase the probability of winning?
Well it’s actually so simple, you do that by talking to more singles. 
“Well duh Kristin…!” you might be thinking just now… tell me something I don’t know...
Well that actually leads me to my next point.
Even though we KNOW we need to talk to more singles and we WANT to talk to more singles… most women don’t know HOW to actually go about doing it.
How do you meet more singles? How do you find more of the right men? Especially if “I’m older, too busy, or don’t have a lot of time”...
Here’s my professional answer after 15 years of coaching:
Without question, the best way to dramatically increase the number of singles you talk to in this modern world in relation to the time invested, is by utilizing dating apps and or online dating sites. 
This is especially true for those over 30. 
In fact, according to a 2019 Stanford study, online dating is now the most popular way couples are connecting in the U.S.


“Meeting a significant other online has replaced meeting through friends. People trust the new dating technology more and more, and the stigma of meeting online seems to have worn off.” -Michael Rosenfeld
Sure you might go dancing in a club when you're in your twenties… but you’re probably not going to do that in your 30s, even more so if you have kids. 

“But I’ve tried online dating but it doesn’t work”

Now, you might be skeptical about online dating…I totally get it. In fact, I don’t think I have EVER had a client come in and tell me how eager they were to get online. Everyone hates dating apps. Everyone hates the thought of connecting like this.

There’s no shortage of people venting about their online dating experiences:

“No one good ever matches with me on dating apps.”
“When I match with someone, they don’t ever message me.”
“Nothing but flakes and fakes.”
“It’s exhausting!”


But I’m sure you’ve also heard of the success stories

Listen. The reality is, we tend to amplify complaints and fears about dating apps. At the same time we discount the successes we have or hear about from others.

Most of us have family members or friends who met online.

In fact, I double dog dare you... Ask 10 people over 30 who have been married in the last 10 years, how they met. If fewer than 7 couples met their match online I would be stunned.

Despite all the negativity, the danger, the annoyances of dating technology, it’s been bringing couples together in HUGE numbers for over 20 years now!

Even people who hate dating apps, especially people who hate dating apps, are meeting the loves of their life online. If you’re marriage-minded, you just can’t afford to ignore it. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Love it or hate it. Meeting new people through online dating apps works. The proof is all around us. 

So what’s the difference between those who get results on dating apps and those who don’t?

Why do some people never get results from their online dating profiles and others seem to win everytime? Why do some always end up venting to their friends and others find great dates routinely?

What are the winners doing? Why do they see success? How do they attract the men that they want, get dates, and find the love and connection they’re looking for?

As a dating coach, I’m one of the few people who have a behind the scenes look at hundreds of cases studies over 15 years.

I can tell you that the experience you have online depends greatly on your approach.

Success or failure is dependent on your approach regardless of your age, weight, baggage, personal style (or lack of). You’re never too old, young, short, tall, fat, thin to make online dating work. It’s not about that. 

What is the best approach?

There are specific techniques and strategies that successful online daters do.

There are ways to win the algorithm’s that drive these apps and sites.

If you can get on the ‘good side’ of the algorithm, you win!

Getting on the ‘good side’ has a lot to do with using the right kind of photos, creating a compelling greeting that inspires responses, knowing how to search, what to say in a message (to get responses), etc. Algorithms tabulate all these factors.

Those that instinctively “get this” get an unfair advantage over other women… and it has nothing to do with their looks, weight, or age…

The good news is that anyone can learn how to see a big change in their results even if they’ve struggled with online dating for YEARS.

Fact: Many of these strategies are counterintuitive. I’m willing to bet you never heard of them before but you’ll be amazed at how effective they can be

I’ve seen countless clients go from frustrated to death with online dating apps to thoroughly enjoying it and getting better results in just a few weeks. This stuff really works. 


How A Freak Ski Accident Helped More Single Women Find Love

About a year ago, I got into a bad ski accident. I bruised my bone and completely tore my ACL. Gone! 
While I was recovering from surgery, I had a lot of time to sit on my couch and think. A very unusual phenomenon for me. 
I made a very important realization.
I loved what I did. I loved coaching clients 1-1. But, I realized that I wanted to have a bigger impact, beyond who I could meet with 1-1, in group workshop settings or those that attended conferences I spoke at. I realized that after all I was doing, my sphere of influence was very small. 
I am always aware of the vast amount of single women over 35 who struggle with dating like I did. I empathize with the hardship of being lonely and powerless to change it. 
With an already full roster of clients, it hit me that I could help a limitless number of women if I created an eCourse that any single women, anywhere, no matter what her circumstance could participate in and see serious improvements in her life.   
So I decided there on my couch, with my post surgery leg elevated in front of me, that this was my new coaching focus and direction. 

Over the next year, I worked meticulously on collecting all the notes and insights I’ve picked up in over a decade as a dating coach and put them into a beautiful online course that anyone can use to improve their dating success.


Dating Over 35

The first course with the exact strategy, tactics, and psychological strategies to crack the dating code and find love over 30


Get 15 Years of dating coaching experience, thousands of dollars of ‘in field’ research, organized, streamlined and delivered in one powerful course.


Master Your Inner Game so you can become your most confident attractive self and attract more of the right men


Understand Relationship Dynamics so you can see the invisible game being played around you and navigate it like a pro


Increase Your Probability Universe so you can start dating more and find your ‘one’

Over 531 women have found success using the techniques in this course, and I’d love for you to be next…


I really thought I’d totally missed my opportunity to get married. At 48 I thought all my prospects were over. Kristen’s course helped me realize there are great men at every age. Her simple steps and ideas helped me put together what I needed to get started. I’m floored at how many conversations I’ve had with men who are interested in me, even at my age. Some of them have been really great! I had no idea. I wish I’d done this years ago! 


I’m a happy person. I have a great life, great job, great family and friends. I wasn’t hurting or desperate, but ideally, I’d love to have a partner. I found Kristin’s eCourse and thought why not give it a go. I am really glad I did. It’s given me so many new ideas, things to consider and try. I’ve put into action some of the strategies I’ve learned from Kristin and I’m already talking to more new men in the last 8 weeks than I did all of last year. This is a great course for anyone who needs a fresh perspective and renewed hope. 


For several years after my divorce I’ve held onto this idea that no one would be interested in me because I have kids who still need me. They are my first and biggest priority and nothing can change that. I was really scared to even try dating someone. The Dating Over 35 course really did help me steer my thinking about myself and dating. I am now using a dating app and being able to talk to men is a lot of fun. Adult conversations are refreshing and fun and I’m learning that there are a lot of people in the same boat as me. I thought dating online would be a lot more difficult and scary, but it’s mostly been fun. There’s somethings that aren’t great, but Kristin’s course did a good job preparing me. I’m so glad I did this. I think it will really help me as I get back into dating over the next few years. 

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn in the course

    The 80/20 rule of online dating: The 20% of things that will generate 80% of the results
    “Unlocking The Diamonds In Your Backyard”: How to open yourself up to surprising opportunities and lucky encounters with the men you want to date both online and offline
    How to blast through the mental barriers holding you back and dramatically accelerate your dating success
    5 Pillars of a Perfect Profile Greeting Template - I’ve written hundreds of online dating profiles over the course of my career and I’ve seen first hand what works and what doesn’t. I’ll share with you the 5 core ‘pillars’ of a dating profile that spark attraction and conversation
    What you should never say as a first message PLUS my go to “First Message Formula” for starting a conversation with anyone (no more wasting time wondering what to say first). This works both off and online. 
    Meaningful relationships start when both parties are open to being vulnerable - Learn how to use the “Vulnerability Ladder” to create deep and meaningful connections with the guys you like
    51 thought provoking questions you can use in conversation (never run out of things to say again!)
    How to use the “STEAR Map” to rewire toxic beliefs that are killing your chances of finding a partner. There’s real science behind this. You’ll understand your brain, the automatic thoughts it triggers and the results of those thoughts and how you can consciously dictate a new direction
    Your focus matters: What you focus on, you will see. I’ll help you put together your H.O.T list so you can get clear on the traits YOU are most attracted to and start attracting more of it into your life
    How to take flattering photos that attract good men and show the real you
    What do you need to DO to be successful at meeting the RIGHT people on dating apps
    How to use the ‘Weird Problems Method’ to spark fresh fun conversations with guys you like (and even have him texting you first!)
    4 common phrases you should leave out of your profile greeting (hint: most women assume it’s what guys want, but it actually backfires on them in the beginning)
    Word for Word Profile Greeting Examples that you can model off your own - no more staring at a blank page and agonizing over what to write
    Expert Photo Guide + 6 principles for building a winning dating photo portfolio
    The optimal number of photos you should include in your profile 
    How to work the dating app algorithm to get you more matches
    Why it’s ok for you to send send the message first (and how to do it in a classy way so you don’t come off ‘try hard’)
    How long should you wait to text him back? Finally get the answer to this age old question based on actual ‘in field’ testing across hundreds of client accounts
    How to ‘refresh’ your matches with new people if you’ve already seen everyone once
    6 steps to staying safe online (and offline)
    How to do a light background check on someone before you go out with them
    Dead end conversation topics you should avoid at all cost 
    7 conversation topics you can always fall back on if you run out of things to say
    How to take photos that make you looks your best
    How to avoid Catfish Scams when online dating (you can usually tell by looking for 3 things)
    How to make each date memorable so you’re impossible to forget
    Why you’re probably the one preventing your own success - and how to overcome your natural ‘sabotage’ mechanisms
    The 7 Steps of a Healthy Relationship - and how to quickly and naturally transition between each step without messing it up
    Conversation Hooks - how drop subtle hooks in your profile that he can’t help but message you about
    The “10-5-1-” Process - A powerful 3 part exercise to help you get instant clarity on what you REALLY want out of life. Finally turn vague, hopeful ideas into a step-by-step process that brings you powerful new results every week.

And much much more!

You’ll be amazed by the simplicity and power of what I have to share in this program… Just one of the ideas or techniques in the course could lead to that BIG BREAKTHROUGH that you’ve been waiting for. Collectively, these concepts are exponentially more powerful. 

What Real Students Are Saying:

“Feeling better after the very first lesson! I had no idea this was possible.”

“Online dating is so much easier when you have the formula for talking to anyone”

“After completing the lesson on Vulnerability Matching I think I know why so many of my relationships have failed in the past. Why do they not teach this stuff in college?”

“I never knew about the stages of a relationship. Understanding where you are in a relationship makes such a huge difference!”

“Understanding the basic qualities someone needs to sustain a healthy relationship has helped me avoid spending time with unhealthy men who def don’t have what it takes to be a good partner.”

Course Details

What’s Included

The core course materials, including real life examples, templates and worksheets are immediately available on my online course platform. 

  • Instant digital access from anywhere

    Watch it on mobile, tablet or desktop anywhere you go. You get lifetime access so go through it at your own pace and revisit the course as often as you like

  • 4+ Hours of HD video training

    No long boring lectures. Short punchy lessons you can finish in single sittings. I cut out all the fluff and give you exactly what you need to get results

  • Over a dozen exercise worksheets, templates, and checklists

    I’ve designed this course to be highly interactive so you actually take what you learn in the video lessons and put them into action as soon as possible.

Course Curriculum

Get A Simple Step By Step Roadmap To Go From Single To Married

I’ve thoughtfully designed the curriculum to build on top of one another and help you get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time


Define Your Destination -- Your True North: 

This module contains four videos and four journaling activities that will help you conceptualize what direction is the TRUE NORTH for your life. You’ll become clear about what kind of future you want and create a path to steer your life in the direction of your TRUE NORTH.


The Thought Revolution: 

This module will take you through the STEAR Think Map. You’ll understand your brain, the automatic thoughts it triggers and the results of those thoughts. At the end of the five videos and activities, you’ll understand how to STEAR your thinking to get the results you want for your life. 


What Are You Worth?

This module contains four videos and four written activities designed to give you a more realistic perspective about your self-worth. You’ll exit this module feeling better about who you are and what you have to offer. 


Relationship Dynamics: 

In this module you’ll see four videos that will help you key in on three characteristics that are critical to have in a healthy relationship. You’ll understand your obligations as a relationship partner. You’ll get some insight on the sequence of a developing relationship and understand how to deepen the emotional connections you have with those you are dating.


Building your H.O.T. list: 

This module contains four videos and a written exercise that will help you thoughtfully identify qualities, attributes and traits you admire in the opposite sex. This will help you adjust your focus as you search for people who have these positive traits. You’ll prioritize your list and be able to recognize what you’re looking for in people who are around you. 


Online and App Dating: 

In this eight lesson module you’ll learn everything you need to know about online and app dating. You’ll hear about everything from attitudes and behaviors, to how to write a winning profile, how to take attractive photos that show the real you, how to search like a pro, how to be shown more often by the algorithms to how to send messages that get replies and everything in between. You’ll set realistic expectations, learn how to stay safe and be ready to find the love of your life online.


Facing Forward With Real Intent: 

In this five lesson module you’ll take a realistic look at some of the 5 common obstacles that stand in your way. When you know what they are and expect them, it becomes much easier to navigate around them and hit the ground running. 

By The End Of This Course You Will Have Everything You Need To Go From Single To Married In The Shortest Time Possible

Found A Committed Relationship In Less Than 4 Months!

This course teaches so many important things, but for me the key was realizing that I HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER. Why am I 44 and just realizing what a catch I am! I deserve to be adored. (This client found a committed relationship less than 4 months after completing this course)

Jan, 44

In a committed relationship and moving forward!

I had very little hope that I could meet anyone worth my time online. I am so glad I found this course. It gave me the big shift I needed. As the course suggests, I started focusing on the things I wanted instead of what I was afraid of and I started to see a difference in my attitude. I found a guy who didn’t come in the package I expected, but I gave him a chance. We got to know each other through a few messages and I pushed myself to be more open than I’ve ever been in the past. We really connected! We’re in a committed relationship and moving forward has been easy and obvious. Every other relationship has had so much friction. I am so grateful for the things I learned in this course. If I hadn’t learned how to think better and how to set up a better profile I am sure I would not be in this situation right now. If you’re thinking about this course, DO IT. It’s the cheapest coaching or professional help you’ll ever find. What a deal!

Lilly, 42

Been together 7 Months and counting!

I found this course right when I really needed it. I was motivated for change in my life. I finally solved some other life-long issues and I was ready to tackle dating. I was committed, determined. I took to heart each lesson and learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know. A few months later I noticed a guy at a conference I was at who was good looking. We had a chance to talk at lunch. I did some of the things I learned in the course and it totally worked. Seven months later we’re still together and headed directly toward marriage. I am so happy I found this course at the perfect time. I am so much better off now. 

Kathryn, 30

More Dating Conversations Then She Ever Had!

I really like Kristen’s philosophy that: “There is a lid for every pot.” I thought I was going to have to lose weight and probably get a facelift to find someone decent. But I realize that being the best version of me doesn’t mean I need a new face. There is someone out there who will love me for me. I’ve for sure got a better attitude now and in only a few months my new attitude and zest for loving myself has scored me more dating conversations than I’ve had all of the last three years combined.

Carrie, 37

How much is marriage worth to you?

I won’t beat around the bush. This course could easily be worth $5,000 and it’d be worth every cent.

I’ve spent over 15 years compiling this information. I’ve spent another year gathering, organizing, and streamlining the content into something easy to understand and implement. I also hired a professional video team to film it and edit it. 
This is a premium course and the information in it is invaluable. 
There is so much time, effort, and knowledge you don’t see on the surface that is packed into this course. 
My past clients have easily paid upwards of $3000 to get this same information, with these same exercises in private coaching sessions. And it was money well spent. But I want this to be accessible. More affordable for everyone. 
So when I said I was going to offer this eCourse at $997 they didn’t even flinch. The value of finally feeling empowered moving your whole life forward without waiting on anyone is easily worth that price.  
But due to recent events affecting the world, I know people are lonely, isolated and looking for connection, so I want to do even better. I’m actually going to offer for a limited time for only:



I’ll Actually Guarantee You’ll See Results Within 60 Days (Or Your Money Back)

It’s ok to be skeptical. You’ve probably tried many things in the past, but was disappointed by the results. Good news, your past does not have to determine your future. 
Every day is a new day. And today can be the start to the rest of your life. Just because things didn’t work out in the past doesn’t mean they won’t work now.
I can’t force you to believe that, but what I can do is remove the risk for you to give yourself a chance. I stand by this program. I believe it can change your life and I want to prove it to you with no risk on your end. Here’s my offer: 
Pick up the program today and take 60 days to try it out. Go through it at your own pace, learn the techniques, test them out in the real world, and if you don’t love the results you see, then email me and I’ll refund you your full payment. No hard feelings.

Look, I’m only interested in happy customers. If you’re not happy with this eCourse, I want you to have your money back!  But…I am confident that as you learn, apply and experiment with new mindsets and improve your dating focus, you WILL absolutely see a difference.  You will absolutely start to attract the results you want within about 60 days. I know this because I’ve seen it with hundreds of clients. These things do take time. Those who learn AND apply these concepts even in tough times, get results.  This is NOT a guarantee that you’ll be married or even be in a committed relationship in 60 days (although it’s possible). Rather, this is a guarantee that you’ll be on a sustainable path forward and you’ll feel better about yourself and the possibilities around you.  Intersecting with your person may take some time. The trick is staying on the path long enough to allow your lives to cross. This eCourse will help you do that. That, I guarantee. 

So here’s everything you’re getting today

    My Complete Dating Over 35 eCourse (Instant Lifetime Access to 15 years of Tested Dating Strategies)
    Real World Exercises & Interactive Worksheets
    Word for word online profile greeting examples
    Conversation starter formulas
    Dating Photo Guide And Examples
    Lifelong skills that will benefit you forever
    The roadmap to finding your ideal person
    60 Day Money Back Guarantee

For just $5000, $997, $497,


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Still On The Fence? Here’s What Others Are Saying

"I found him! He didn’t come in the package I was expecting, but in no way do I feel like I am settling. This is absolutely my person. I’m so happy. This course helped me be open and vulnerable in all the right ways and at the right time. Thank you!"

"I just thought that after 40 it was time to give up. This course showed me how much opportunity there is even now. I was just focused on the wrong things. People find love all the way into their 60’s 70’s and beyond. I am so young and have lots of years ahead to be in love. It’s not too late for me."

"I’ve worked with several therapists over the years and none have given me the insight and practical applications that this course has. It is the cheapest, most beneficial self help money can buy."

"I quit focusing on dating a few years ago because it felt like all the good guys were taken and the only men left had tons of issues I didn’t want to deal with. But, these lessons helped me pinpoint what I needed to think about and then do. After a month of dating using the things I learned in the lessons, I can say I was wrong before. Sure, there’s plenty of people with problems, but I’ve found some really sweet guys in the last few weeks and I’m really excited to see where this goes. There’s more good guys than I realized. It’s totally worth it."

"I’m so glad I made room in my budget for this course! I think it would take me years and thousands of dollars in professional help to learn what I’ve learned in this course in just a few weeks. I’m amazed at the difference in my world outlook. A month ago I never thought I could feel this way."

"Everyone told me I was being too picky! I was so sick of hearing that from my married friends. Kristen’s view on when to be open and when to be picky were spot on in this program. After just a few weeks implementing this stuff I’m able to spot potential guys online that I would have passed on without this insight. I’ve already had some great conversations just a couple weeks after learning this material. I’ve passed on guys who looked better on the outside than they really were. I think I saved myself some time and trouble trying to make it the wrong kind of guys. Glad I saw this course and decided to go for it."

"I’ve been so burned out on dating and have been taking a break for several years. I’ve tried online dating on and off for 10 years with no luck. All I found was guys with tons of baggage. Crazy exes, a million crazy kids or guys with lots of problems and nothing really to offer in a relationship. It’s been so discouraging. This ECorse made me think differently about what I dwelled on in meeting guys on apps. There are still disappointing men with tons of baggage, but I don’t waste time dwelling on how disappointing it is anymore. This course showed me what to focus on instead and I am a lot better and letting things go. It’s really helped me shape how I online date and I’m having a much better experience this time. The good guys are fewer and farther between then I’d like, but they are there and I spend a lot less time worrying about the losers."

"I was feeling so bad about myself when I started this course. I know I need to lose some weight and get in shape. I felt so frumpy and unmotivated. This online course helped me realize what I want to be. I am now in the process of taking simple, practical steps to feel better about myself. In the last three months since I finished Kristen’s course I bought a new car that I absolutely LOVE driving and made the decision to go to back to school. I am also dating a guy that I met online. I don’t know if he’s the one, but it’s really fun to be dating and doing new things with my life."

"I always felt so much pressure from society to look better or try to be prettier. I am a good person and I try my best. I was so sick of hearing I wasn’t enough. This course helped me take a look at why I was being so resentful. Kristin’s words helped me realize that there WERE things I could do that would make me feel better. The main thing I’ve done so far is go and see my doctor. I had some issues that needed attention. My doctor is working with me now and i’m already feeling better than I have in years. I wish I had thought to go see my doctor sooner. Kristin’s lessons are full of common sense things like this. I have more energy to try some dating things. I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish in the next few months."

"I convinced myself that I was single because God forgot about me or was punishing me. I’m embarrassed to say this, but that’s how I was feeling. Finding this course showed me that God is aware of me. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. The lessons that covered the way we think and how your brain works was mind blowing. So simple. I’ve been better at challenging my thoughts that aren’t true and it’s making a HUGE difference after just a month. I feel like a different person. I was being my own worst enemy. God lives and he loves me. I remember that now that I am more in control of my thoughts."

"I had a lot of people in my family wanting to do makeovers or buy me clothes that I would never wear. Kristen helped me realize that there is someone for everyone no matter what you’re like. I feel so free knowing I don’t have to be someone I am not. I have tried harder to be the best version of myself. I feel better and I’m less worried about what other people think. I am using dating apps trying to find the “lid to my pot.” I know I am not for everyone, and I’m all good with that."

"I’m feeling so much better about myself after this course. I thought the whole world had passed me by. Now I’m realizing all the options I have. I’m capable to create the world I want! Yes!"

"I was convinced that I didn’t deserve to be happy like my friends and family. Why did I waste so much time thinking like this? So glad I found this course. I am happier than I have been in years and I haven’t even fallen in love yet. So full of hope."

"Money is tight. I was really feeling bad about buying this course, but I am so glad I did. Best money I’ve spent in years. I am smiling again. I am talking to people at church and work. I am excited about dating."


  • Is this course only for women over 35?

    This course is open to any single people who want to be married and are looking for some support, ideas, inspiration and accountability in their efforts to find a wonderful partner. The course is pretty and elegant and will appeal to women over 35.

  • What is your success rate?

    I have an awesome success rate with this course and with my 1-1 date coaching clients. All who come to me with a sincere intent and are willing to apply the learning they discover absolutely WILL find success.

    Occasionally a client comes along who wants to throw money at a problem. They want to act like they’re “trying” but aren’t interested in changing anything they do or think. Having the desire, curiosity and willingness to take real steps toward the future they WANT is an indicator of success. Lucky for me, most of my clients show up ready to do this.

    It is typical for my clients and students of this course to show up with the motivation and accountability to make sweeping life improvements. Not only do clients routinely attract love within 6-12 months, but they also take other brave steps forward. Starting or finishing degrees, purchasing homes, balancing other parts of their lives. I am lucky to almost exclusively attract highly motivated, productive clients who are ready to make this happen for themselves.

  • How does the money back guarantee work?

    I’m only interested in happy customers! Simply send me an email and tell me what happened for you after you finished the course. If you see no results after 60 days from the time you finish the course, get your money back. If you apply the concepts and learning to your life to notice nothing, no improvement, I want to refund you. Send me an email, tell me what happened instead and I’ll gladly refund your original payment method.  

  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    Depending on your motivation and available time, you could complete this course in as little as 3-4 days if you spent 4-6 hours a day.

    On average it takes 3-4 weeks to fully complete the course work, do the exercises, experiment with the concepts, make tweaks to your thinking, dating strategies and social communication. Don’t rush. Take your time. We’re looking for sustainable change, not a flash in the pan.

  • What are your qualifications to be a Dating Coach/Relationship Expert?

    Although Coaching is not a government regulated industry, I have obtained the highest level of certification a professional coach can get. I have completed a graduate level professional coaching certification credential from The University of Texas, Jindal School of Management in their Executive and Professional Coaching Program. This was a major accomplishment for me (and it was really hard to earn this certification). I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Weber State University.

    I am also a certified Workshop Facilitator of the Building A Lasting Connection workshop for couples.

    My best qualification might be the total transformation I’ve created in my own life. Once an awkward dater with very little dating experience, to the 16+ year marriage to a wonderful man! My husband and I are a very connected couple even 16 years later. We live for each other. We travel the world together, ride bikes, hang with our kids and snuggles on the couch at the end of the day.    

  • Do you offer matchmaking services?

    Although I have set up more than a handful of couples, I do not sell matchmaking services. I focus only on helping clients discover the tools and dating intelligence they need to become their own highly successful matchmakers. However, on occasion, I’ve been known to fix up friends and clients and clients with friends.

  • Can I do this course if I DON’T want to online date?

    Yes! You will learn so much more than online/app dating tips in this course. Even if you NEVER intend to use a dating app, this course is for you. However, don’t be surprised if you learn some key online dating concepts that strike your curiosity and you decide to give it a go one last time. 

  • Can I do this course if I’m under 35?

    Absolutely! This course is for anyone ready to take themselves and finding their partner seriously. There’s nothing magical about the number 35 except that people often find who they are and find increased motivation at about this age. No matter your age, these concepts will apply and enlighten you. 

  • Can I do this course if I’m a man?

    Of course. The concepts discussed in this course are insightful regardless of gender. Full disclosure, this course was created with women in mind. Most of the language is tailored to a female audience, but much of the curriculum is gender neutral. 

  • Will I be successful in this course if I’ve never dated much at all?

    Yes, yes, yes! There are no minimum dating prerequisites here. I’ve had tremendous success with women who have never had a boyfriend, a kiss or even many second dates. You might be interested to know that research shows that people with the most limited dating histories make the best partners in the longest lasting relationships. In this course you’ll learn how your lack of relationship baggage is a real asset, not a shameful liability.   

  • Does this course work for divorced/widowed women?

    Yes. No matter the single circumstance that landed you here, you’ll learn and grow from the exercises, strategies and concepts included in this course. There’s no right or wrong single status. If you’d rather be married than single, this course is for you! 

  • Will this course be useful if you’re over 55?

    Absolutely. Your age is not a discriminating factor in this course. It’s designed for anyone over 30 who is motivated to change their marital status from single to married to a wonderful person. The course is easy to navigate. The exercises are friendly and will make you look at yourself, dating and socializing in a holistic and healthy new way.