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Hi! I’m Kristin Sokol.

For the last 15 years, I’ve specialized in helping single adults over 35, position themselves to overcome today’s tricky dating odds.

I help clients develop custom strategies that defy disappointing dating disparities. My clients gain renewed hope, specific relationship-building education and solutions to obstacles that have kept them from love in the past. They learn to create connection opportunities in a custom way that works for them.

While most single adults are focused in on what they don’t want, my clients shift to what they DO want. Like magic, they start to recognize existing opportunities for social and romantic connections almost immediately.

Gaining a new focus, skillset and some specific strategies is what helps so many of my clients find a loving, committed relationship headed toward eternity, with someone who is their worthy, equal.

My clients find their custom dating solutions with me in a few different ways. 

The most direct route to success and accountability is through one-on-one coaching sessions.

When the cost of one-on-one sessions is outside their budget, clients purchase my popular eCourse titled, Dating Over 35:Steering the Mind and Heart Toward Love.

For those not yet ready to commit to getting better dating results, dip a toe in the water by joining my email list at the bottom of this page. You’ll get my latest free tips, tricks and ideas for DIY dating results. 

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In my personal life, I am happily married to Steve who I met via online dating in 2004. Full disclosure: I was a terrible and unlucky dater, but online dating changed my life forever. Even decades later, I wake up each day so super grateful that I have Steve in my life. He’s my person. We make each other better humans for sure. I also have two kids who are pretty great and I like them a lot too. 

A little more about me: 

I’m a former newspaper reporter who used skills in writing and interviewing to help my first clients create online dating profiles that helped them attract exactly who they were looking for. 
I count myself as the most experienced “online dater” in Utah and perhaps the country. I’m an online dating enthusiast even if everyone else in the whole world (including most of my clients) HATE online dating (until they meet their spouse). I can help anyone who wants to find love online, even if (especially if) you’ve failed over and over in the past. Don’t believe me? Try me. I dare you. I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of friends, family and clients meet their perfect match online, and I can help you with it too.  

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Other Interesting Facts About Me…

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Weber State University. I’ve completed graduate work at the University of Texas in Professional and Executive Coaching. I am a Certified Professional Coach through the University and have passed exams at the Professional Certified Coach credential level with the International Coach Federation (the main governing body of credentialed professional coaches). So basically, I’m fancy and legit. 
I’ve been an avid skier for 10 years. My family (husband and two daughters) ski Utah’s mountains all winter long. It’s the best! On the last day of the season in 2019 I had a minor crash that resulted in a major tear (it was toast) in my right knee ACL. That was a bad day. But, I have a fake new ACL now and it works almost as good.  

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A Final Word…

I’ve been helping clients find loving relationships with their matches who are their equals for more than 15 years! I love my work. I feel so lucky to be able to work with such impressive clients who come ready to do their part. I’ve spent years crafting practical, tried and true dating strategies and programs that have helped hundreds of my clients navigate the dating mindset to map their way toward success in FINDING LOVE TODAY and for ETERNITY. 

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